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Historian's Report 2017-18

The National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of Oklahoma sends greetings to the President, National officers, and all Corporate Societies.

Our Oklahoma President, Peg Malloy, attended the Biennial Council in Washington, D.C. in October of 2017.

The Central Town Committee, chaired by Stephanie Watts, supported our Colonial Day at the Capitol Program.  Peg Malloy and Ann Marshall attended a dinner at the Oklahoma Historical Society following the Colonial Day at the Capitol, sponsored by the Foundation for Excellence, at which Ben Franklin, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton appeared. This committee also continued to support our state project to include the "Why America is Free" curriculum in more Oklahoma City schools.

Our Eastern Town Committee, chaired by Gale Kane, also continued to support the "Why America is Free" curriculum in the Tulsa schools under the capable leadership of Anne Burlingame.

Recording Secretary, Ann Marshall, took minutes for the Board meetings.  However, our annual meeting was hampered by a storm and she was unable to attend.  More about that later!

Corresponding Secretary, Melissa Burget, sent all the appropriate notices and wrote notes of condolence.

Annual Meeting this year was very interesting and is reported as follows:  It was a dark and stormy spring morning when our Central Town Committee Dames gathered in a rented van and attempted the ninety mile journey from Oklahoma City to Tulsa where our Annual Meeting was to be held.  Half way there the driver announced that because of major flooding, it was too dangerous to continue the journey.  Being technologically adept, we held the meeting by cell phone as we cautiously made our way back home.  Not all reports were delivered at this time, but were duly turned in at a later date. 

Treasurer, Laura Ratliff's, report presented our budget and stated the financial soundness of the State Society.

Registrar, Tippy Hawkins, reported that unfortunately our membership has slipped from seventy-four to sixty-nine.  We lost one of our state's greatest Dames, Liz Coe (Mrs. Charles R.,) in February.  We did vote to invite Joyce Stewart (Mrs Thomas) of Oklahoma City to join the Dames.

Our Lady of Dumbarton, Kathy Walker's report indicated all the occurrences that had happened at our headquarters recently.  She requested financial giving by members to Dumbarton.

Our Regent of Gunston Hall, Carol Solomon, had an exciting report.  They are about to start restoring the huge Riverside Garden which, when visitors often arrived by boat, was the true "front door" as it sloped gently down to the Potomac River.  They have already raised 70% of matching funds toward a $250,000 challenge grant.  Many years of archaeological and other types of research have been completed so that the result will be authentic as well as beautiful.  She reported that every Dame is encouraged to contribute to this worth cause!  

Our Associate Trustee of Friends of Sulgrave Manor, Adelaide Liedtke's report stated what was happening at the Manor and also requested that all members keep Sulgrave in their future giving.  Her report also discussed the video called, "The Washingtons of Sulgrave Manor."

Historical Activities Chairman, Anne Burlingame, reported that we are continuing to raise funds for the "Why America is Free" curriculum and hope to have it in all fifty Tulsa Public Schools soon.  The State Superintendent has invited us to present the curriculum for state adoption.

Anne also said that Donna Passmore and Jan Smulcer, the remarkable women who developed the curriculum, have written a book about the French contributions to our Revolutionary War titled, Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Rout and the Franco-American Alliance.   They were asked to write the book by the American Society of the French Legion of Honor and the Society of Cincinnati.  When President and Mrs. Trump entertained President and Mrs. Macron at a private dinner at Mount Vernon, this book was one of the gifts given by Mount Vernon to the two Presidents.  She also sent reports to the Region III Historical Activities Chairman when requested.

Patriotic Services Chairman, Marilyn Case, reported that there were no qualified applicants for the Indian Nurse Scholarship Award this year.  Our state America History Scholarship Award of $1,000 was given to John Truden, a University of Oklahoma PhD candidate, who is interested in reexamining the position of Indigenous people from late nineteenth century Indian Territory to mid-twentieth century Oklahoma.  The District VI American History Scholarship Award of $1,700 was given to Victoria Fund, a PhD at the University of Oklahoma.  She is studying early colonial use of Native child labor and how that shows up in legal codes.  The Oklahoma recipient of the Washington Congressional Workshop Essay Contest was Fiza Sheikh from Edmond Santa Fe High School.  She won an all expense paid trip to a week-long Congressional Workshop in Washington, D.C.  A very successful year for Patriotic Services.

A $1,000 donation was made again this year by the Oklahoma Society to the Foundation of Excellence for Colonial Day at the Capitol.  

Our Communications Chairman, Patty Tague, continued to update our state's website and sent three newsletters via E-blasts.

Angela Box, Historian